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Barbi Zambrano-Assistant Half Marathon Coach

Assistant Coach - Half Marathon

I got into running when I first started law school.  People told me that I had to be disciplined, and that my first year would be difficult and miserable.  I decided that I would do something that would keep me home on Friday nights, keep me healthy, and give me a new goal during a challenging time.  Not to mention, I had just tried my first 5K a few months before starting law school and was hooked.  Since then, I have run fourteen half marathons and too many 5K’s to count.  I have not run a marathon yet, but people who know me know that I will do it during my next life challenge- having a baby!  Whenever that is…
My favorite race is the ING because I am a proud Miamian.  I love this city and all of the beauty it has to offer.  The 2007 ING was my first half marathon, and since then I love sharing in the joy with first-time runners every week when we train for this special race during training season.  Always remember- You may regret NOT waking up in the morning to run, but you will never regret going out there to run!!


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