Our Coaches

Katrina Knight-Vera

Organizer - Head Organizer

I started running in 2000 after my husband (Coach Eddy) came home one day and said, Hey lets train to run a marathon together! My first response was, How long is a marathon? When he told me 26.2 miles I thought he was nuts! He was the runner not me! But we trained with a marathon training group just like this one and 5 months later crossed the finish line together at the Walt Disney World marathon. I will never forget that feeling of finishing my first marathon. Since then I have run over a dozen marathons, 4 half marathons, 2 triathlon’s and way too many 5Ks/10Ks to count. I started Miami FIT because after years of training by myself for various marathons I realized I missed running with a group of people and the Miami Lakes area did not have an organized running/walking group. Plus I enjoy helping new runners and walkers reach their goals of completing their first marathon or half marathon.


Eddy Vera

Head Coach - Half Marathon Group

I trained for my first marathon in 2000 after I received a brochure in the mail about the Walt Disney World Marathon. Before that I had run some 5Ks and 10ks but never ran anything longer than that. I convinced my wife to train with me and 5 months later we crossed the finish line in the parking lot of Epcot ready to train for another one! I have been running ever since but nowadays I prefer the half marathon distance. I look forward to sharing my running experiences with my half marathon group at Miami FIT!

Omar Barboza-Full Marathon Coach

Head Coach - Red Group

I never thought I would ever be a runner, much less run a marathon. As a kid, I had mild asthma and could not run at all. One day, I got a gift card to Sports Authority and bought these “running shoes”. I had wanted to try something new and my friend named Katrina wanted to take me out to run. I told her I just wanted to run 3 miles like 3 times a week to lose some weight and improve my cardiovascular fitness. Well, I was surprised at myself that I pretty much ran the 3 miles without stopping. I told Katrina I was not interested in running any crazy long distances like her. I guess she knows me better than I thought because she was convinced from our 1st run that one day I would run a marathon. Make a long story short, she took me to my first 5K, then we ran the 7-mile bridge, then I ventured into half-marathons, and in January 2005, I completed my 1st marathon at Disney. I have since completed 10 marathons and 1 Ultra-Marathon.  The feeling of accomplishment after completing a race after all the hard training is incredible and unique for every runner. Enjoy your journey!

Perside Foster-Head Walking Coach

Head Coach - Walking Group

I got into training for 1/2 marathon walks just to get and stay healthy. I lost 40 pounds and kept them off by  walking at least 25 miles a week. I have walked 16 races since 2006. My most favorite races are the ING and A1A. I enjoy Miami fit because they provide guidance without being too intrusive.

Barbi Zambrano-Assistant Half Marathon Coach

Assistant Coach - Half Marathon

I got into running when I first started law school.  People told me that I had to be disciplined, and that my first year would be difficult and miserable.  I decided that I would do something that would keep me home on Friday nights, keep me healthy, and give me a new goal during a challenging time.  Not to mention, I had just tried my first 5K a few months before starting law school and was hooked.  Since then, I have run fourteen half marathons and too many 5K’s to count.  I have not run a marathon yet, but people who know me know that I will do it during my next life challenge- having a baby!  Whenever that is…
My favorite race is the ING because I am a proud Miamian.  I love this city and all of the beauty it has to offer.  The 2007 ING was my first half marathon, and since then I love sharing in the joy with first-time runners every week when we train for this special race during training season.  Always remember- You may regret NOT waking up in the morning to run, but you will never regret going out there to run!!